DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Not sure if it was just me (although doubtful because I’m human) but I was nervous as hell asking my girls to be my bridesmaids. Each proposal was unique in that I did each one in person and let it happen semi-naturally. I had this grandiose plan of saying the perfect things but I either froze or just let the card that speak for itself. I don’t see myself as sentimental but I try to be thoughtful as I can and it was super important that I let each one of my girls know how important they are to me. I was searching Pinterest for ideas on what to put into my proposals but all I really kept getting were a lot of  “copy and paste” boxes that all had the same stuff like a stemless wine glass (cute but who only wants 1 glass anyway?) some nail polish, a trinket dish etc. Nothing really wowed me so why not create my own..

I’m a lover of self care and knew that I wanted to gift them something that was useful, that I was happy giving them and they could enjoy. If there’s one thing I’m good at–it’s putting together gift baskets! From initial thought to assembly to finished product I absolutely love gift baskets LOL. What’s more fun than receiving a bunch of things you can use in a basket/crate you could re-use!?

Now people automatically assume gift baskets are expensive (and yes, they def can be!) but they can be super budget friendly if you’re smart about it. I budgeted myself to spend about $50 per person since I have 1 MOH and 4 bridesmaids. Luckily, I had a case of homemade wine from my in-laws (which goes perfect with our vineyard them) so I purchased custom wine bottle stickers off of etsy for about $9 and voila! they came out way cuter than I expected. After I had the wine bottles all set I wanted to get a bunch of self care items that are my favorites. I wanted to stick with a rustic like theme so I went to Marshall’s because they have the BEST name brand beauty products for a fraction of the cost.  I ended up finding my favorite soap of all time so I got that and worked around the color scheme- I ended up adding in a great lotion to carry in their purse, an awesome smelling candle, an adorable coffee mug with their first initial, macarons because who doesn’t love them?? a charcoal sheet mask and then I added in a  few random pieces for each (a body butter, Supergoop SPF, origins products). Lastly, the crates were a STEAL. Hobby Lobby is forever promoting 50% off so I had a coupon, grabbed a handful of different crates that could fit all items and I started to assemble. I filled each crate with burlap, wrapped with cellophane and added in a sprig of faux lavender. They came out better than I had envisioned, beautiful even. I’m proud of these and I know my girls loved them!!